About Jen

I have goals in life I haven’t yet met.  I haven’t beaten the obstacles I face, but I haven’t given up, either.  I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me; I’m simply explaining a truth.

I live with my boyfriend, Mike, and our Senegal parrot, Loki, in New Jersey.  I love animals; horror and romance novels; horror, comedy and science fiction movies; writing; acting; website design; and I’m considering learning a bit of amateur photography.  I have many opinions on a wide array of topics, which is why I created this blog.  It’s a place without one specific focus, where I can fly free with my mind, my creativity and my words.

My goals, besides overcoming my personal obstacles, are to become an actress, and possibly an artist and/or a writer.  I don’t believe in giving up one’s dreams just because you face greater and unfair obstacles.  I will still keep trying.  I only fail if I give up.

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