Halloween is Coming!

Halloween will soon be here, and I love this season! I miss trick-or-treating, and it’s not like it was when I was a kid. There were pedophiles and predators back then, but kids went to strangers’ doors and collected the loot. I think Halloween needs some new ways to enjoy it. Halloween parties, for instance, with well-known neighbors and the kids could trick-or-treat in a room or building, going up to people for goodies.

I love that you can dress up on that one day and be whomever you want to be, whatever you want to be. You can be pretty and even sexy, or you can be gruesome and macabre. Granted, this poses a danger when we can’t recognize folks, but it’s still a good thing to enjoy ourselves.

Maybe I’ll try to get a caramel apple this year. I haven’t had one in years, and I do so love them. What’s your favorite treat for Halloween? I couldn’t pick just one. But caramel apples are one of them. I wish everyone a fun and festive Halloween and Samhain!

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