How Do You Keep Up?

I’ve given up on MySpace and gone over to Facebook, and I also have a Twitter account.  I couldn’t keep up with MySpace, and here I am on two more social networking sites.  I don’t see how people keep up when they accumulate thousands of friends.  Do they hang out at Facebook and Twitter for hours on end, “liking” and clicking and commenting all day?  I can’t do that.  I need “me” time.

I’m giving these sites a shot, though, and maybe it’ll be fun.  Maybe I just need to get into my groove.  At least they’re ways to keep up with friends, and make new friends.  I do enjoy adding friends, but Facebook limits how many friends you can have, apparently.  That’s absurd, to me.  What do they care if I “friend” every other Facebook user?

I wonder what the next major social networking site will be?  Maybe it’s already out there, gathering users, one by one, soon to explode onto “the scene.”  It would be cool if someone discovered a way to do more faster and save time doing it.  The simplest ideas always seem to be best, so maybe the answer’s obvious and we’re just not seeing it yet.

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