Use It or Lose It

I wasn’t online for several months due to personal issues, and I’ve found that I’ve lost a lot of the web design skills I had, and can’t seem to get them to come as easily as they did the first time. You’d think once you learn something, forgetting from non-use may happen, but it should come back quickly once you refresh your memory. Not happening for me, unfortunately.

I used to be pretty good at understanding WordPress theme design. I wasn’t an expert, but I could muddle my way through. It’s tougher this time. I simply changed the default design with an image of my own, but I still plan to do a full redesign in time. Has anyone else experienced loss of skills from disuse? Maybe you have not played FoxyBingo in a while and have forgotten the rules, or perhaps it has been a few months since you have cooked a certain dish and you have forgotten the recipe. It’s very frustrating.

I watched a new show called Confessions: Animal Hoarding on Animal Planet, and while I agree something has to be done to fix these animal hoarding situations, the husband of one of the hoarders on the last episode really pissed me off.  I think his name was Pete, and Pete was unhappy (understandably) with his wife’s hoarding of dogs and birds, but he took it out on the animals.  He hurled an object at the cage of three or four budgies nearby, because they were making normal bird noises, and he sniped at a poor dog stuck in a crate because it whined in its misery.  What an asshole!  I don’t care how much he hates being in a hoarding situation; that’s no excuse for abusing and mistreating animals.

Most people who hoard animals think they’re helping the animals, which they may have started out doing, but it’s gotten out of hand.  Animal welfare groups have to rescue these animals from their rescuers.  Most hoarders don’t see the harm they’re doing.  Animals kept in small quarters overrun with other animals often end up with respiratory diseases and other contagious illnesses.  The hoarder means well, but in the end, action must be taken.  Ideally, the hoarder will find some therapy, although there is no known cure for hoarders (of animals or objects).

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