Time – Too Much or Too Little?

It seems when you have to wait, there’s too much time. But when you want to get stuff done, there’s too little. I’d hoped to get done a little website work done tonight, but I got caught up on Facebook and other sites, and the next thing I know, it’s after 3:00 a.m. I need to get my butt to bed.

I want to work on my art and drawings, but I never seem to get much done when I do, because I want it to be right the first time, and I’m never satisfied with my work. I have dreams and goals that are hard to achieve without patience. Too little time to get it all done, but it seems like there’s plenty of it, until it’s gone.

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Halloween is Coming!

Halloween will soon be here, and I love this season! I miss trick-or-treating, and it’s not like it was when I was a kid. There were pedophiles and predators back then, but kids went to strangers’ doors and collected the loot. I think Halloween needs some new ways to enjoy it. Halloween parties, for instance, with well-known neighbors and the kids could trick-or-treat in a room or building, going up to people for goodies.

I love that you can dress up on that one day and be whomever you want to be, whatever you want to be. You can be pretty and even sexy, or you can be gruesome and macabre. Granted, this poses a danger when we can’t recognize folks, but it’s still a good thing to enjoy ourselves.

Maybe I’ll try to get a caramel apple this year. I haven’t had one in years, and I do so love them. What’s your favorite treat for Halloween? I couldn’t pick just one. But caramel apples are one of them. I wish everyone a fun and festive Halloween and Samhain!

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New Website Ideas

I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for sites that I would really enjoy designing and maintaining. Unfortunately, most of the ideas I’ve come up with have already been done. I want to do something different, or do something in a unique way. I’ve a few ideas, but I’m still not sure.

Horror sites are popular and fun, and I’d like to be part of it, but I’d like to do something different than the usual horror sites, talking about movies and books. I would like to talk about aspects of horror, and the creativity within horror. But I’m not sure I could come up with an article on a regular basis for those things. Still, I might give it a try.

I’d also like to do a humor site, but I’m not sure I can be funny on a regular basis. I make jokes a lot and comment with humor to people on Facebook, but can I come up with whole posts that are funny? I don’t know. Maybe I should try it, but I still need to figure out exactly what I want to post.

I’m still working on ideas. Feel free to suggest some. Thanks!

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I’m Still Here

I haven’t updated this site for a while, and I won’t post to it everyday, but I intend to update this site a little more than I have been, so anyone who’s reading it, please stick around.  Maybe you can help me with ideas.

I hope to start a profitable website in the near future, but don’t know what that site will be about or offer.  I want to do something related to my interests, of course, and I’m open to ideas.  Feel free to email me.

For now, this is just a quick posting to say, “Hey! I’m still here!” I know no one reads this journal–yet–but I intend to keep it going. And if anyone is reading this, feel free to comment.

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My Book and Product Reviews

I’ve written several book and product reviews over the years, and some of them are available to read at Amazon.com on my profile page.  There, you’ll mostly find reviews on romance and horror novels, but also other types of books, and a few products I’ve tried.

While I favor horror and romance novels, I do read books on computers, history and writing.  I haven’t written reviews for all of them, due to lack of time.  If I don’t get a review done shortly after I’ve finished it, I usually can’t remember enough details to make a cohesive review.  I hope you enjoy the ones I have published, and feel free to contact me if you want to share your opinions.

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Dragon Age: Origins

I got a new game, Dragon Age: Origins to once again try gaming.  I find I’m picky about computer games, and it’s not that most games are bad, but they’re not always my genre.  I prefer horror games, but not mixed with scifi or dark fantasy.  But there are exceptions.

Dragon Age: Origins actually came out a few months ago, and there’s a new expansion pack available for it (Dragon Age: Awakenings), but I’ll try that out if I enjoy the base game.  It certainly looks like fun, with strong characters and back stories, plus some really cool bad guys.  Hopefully, I’ll not have problems with the graphics on my computer (it doesn’t have the best graphics card, but it might be sufficient), and can really have a good time.

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How Do You Keep Up?

I’ve given up on MySpace and gone over to Facebook, and I also have a Twitter account.  I couldn’t keep up with MySpace, and here I am on two more social networking sites.  I don’t see how people keep up when they accumulate thousands of friends.  Do they hang out at Facebook and Twitter for hours on end, “liking” and clicking and commenting all day?  I can’t do that.  I need “me” time.

I’m giving these sites a shot, though, and maybe it’ll be fun.  Maybe I just need to get into my groove.  At least they’re ways to keep up with friends, and make new friends.  I do enjoy adding friends, but Facebook limits how many friends you can have, apparently.  That’s absurd, to me.  What do they care if I “friend” every other Facebook user?

I wonder what the next major social networking site will be?  Maybe it’s already out there, gathering users, one by one, soon to explode onto “the scene.”  It would be cool if someone discovered a way to do more faster and save time doing it.  The simplest ideas always seem to be best, so maybe the answer’s obvious and we’re just not seeing it yet.

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I Want a New Game

I rarely play games, but every now and then, I want a new PC game.  Problems are, my computer is getting older and doesn’t support graphics as well for the newer games, and I’m picky.  I want a horror-based game that plays like a role-playing game.  One such game was Vampires: The Masquerade-Bloodlines, but that was years ago, and I want something new.

Most games that come out are more action-oriented and often mixed with a dose of sci-fi.  They often are of a post-apocalyptic world, sometimes with zombies.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not what I’m looking for.  The latest BioShock and Rage games look cool and have fantastic graphics, but I want more from a game than killing monsters and evil creatures.

I’m not good at gaming, but I just play to have fun.  I don’t compete with other players online, or play repeatedly just to get a higher score.  I get bored and don’t want to play a long game all over again.  But I’m hopeful:  I hope some major game company will see this and say, “Yeah!  We should bring out something for those who want more of a storyline.”  I don’t expect that to happen; companies will churn out whatever makes money, and maybe there isn’t as big a market for what I’m asking.

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Use It or Lose It

I wasn’t online for several months due to personal issues, and I’ve found that I’ve lost a lot of the web design skills I had, and can’t seem to get them to come as easily as they did the first time. You’d think once you learn something, forgetting from non-use may happen, but it should come back quickly once you refresh your memory. Not happening for me, unfortunately.

I used to be pretty good at understanding WordPress theme design. I wasn’t an expert, but I could muddle my way through. It’s tougher this time. I simply changed the default design with an image of my own, but I still plan to do a full redesign in time. Has anyone else experienced loss of skills from disuse? Maybe you have not played FoxyBingo in a while and have forgotten the rules, or perhaps it has been a few months since you have cooked a certain dish and you have forgotten the recipe. It’s very frustrating.

I watched a new show called Confessions: Animal Hoarding on Animal Planet, and while I agree something has to be done to fix these animal hoarding situations, the husband of one of the hoarders on the last episode really pissed me off.  I think his name was Pete, and Pete was unhappy (understandably) with his wife’s hoarding of dogs and birds, but he took it out on the animals.  He hurled an object at the cage of three or four budgies nearby, because they were making normal bird noises, and he sniped at a poor dog stuck in a crate because it whined in its misery.  What an asshole!  I don’t care how much he hates being in a hoarding situation; that’s no excuse for abusing and mistreating animals.

Most people who hoard animals think they’re helping the animals, which they may have started out doing, but it’s gotten out of hand.  Animal welfare groups have to rescue these animals from their rescuers.  Most hoarders don’t see the harm they’re doing.  Animals kept in small quarters overrun with other animals often end up with respiratory diseases and other contagious illnesses.  The hoarder means well, but in the end, action must be taken.  Ideally, the hoarder will find some therapy, although there is no known cure for hoarders (of animals or objects).

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Early Morning Cravings

It’s 4:04 a.m. as I type this, and I’ve got a mad craving for soft, hot pretzels dipped in melted cheese.  Woe is me, though, because I have none and won’t have an opportunity to get them for a couple more days.  If only I could download them off the Internet!

I’m a new Facebook user, and I’m still getting used to the “feel” of it.  There are some things I like about it, mostly that there are more people whom I know who use it.  But once you have lots of friends, it can get out of hand, and impossible to keep up with everybody.  Once that happens, I’m just going to look through whatever I feel like and that’ll be it.

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